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The First Step of Manifestation

UI/UX Designing

Strategic Thought Process

Stakeholder Interview, User Research, Competitor Analysis, Customer Journey, Creating User Personas, Making Empathy Map, Information Architecture, User Flowchart & User Journey

Product Definition

Product Definition is the first phase involved in the user design process. The team responsible for this will collect the user requirements based on their business environment. 

It’s very much essential because understanding about the real scope of the product and their existence happens in this phase. 

It’s simple; before beginning the work, enlighten your UI/UX designers about the requirements!


The research is the most crucial element for a designer. The designing team studies how the present system works for the current client proposal. The three main functions at this stage are: 

  • Have an understanding of the competition.

  • Making a thorough study of your existing domain.

  • Going through competitor strategy to test outcomes.

The Research process should also involve an understanding of the latest UI/UX trends, design principles, and guidelines.


In the design process, we finally end up giving life to ideas that we have collected in the above three steps. It’s time to work on the final graphics now. The design team will execute the final design in this phase. 

The Process


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